A Letter from a Life’s WORC Parent:

Apr 20, 2020

Staff heroes,

The Life’s WORC staff who have been caring for my son during this pandemic whirlwind have been incredibly selfless, tireless and compassionate.

They are my front liners-showing up every day despite the risk to their personal health, helping my son get up each morning and get ready for bed each night, guiding him in his chores and daily activities to try to keep some routine in his life, taking him to the doctor in full protective gear for needed but scary visits, engaging him and playing his favorite music and dancing with him to keep him distracted from his uncertainty with the world he is living in right now.  They are my lifeline- calling me to Facetime with my son on their own phones, calling me to calm my fears even when they are off the clock and on their way home.  They are my partners – keeping everyone, my son and themselves, healthy and safe, letting me know when they need supplies so I can scour online sites to make sure they get deliveries of masks, soap, and cleaners.  They are my family- caring for my son in ways I can’t at the moment and doing it with a deep love for each individual they care for. I deeply appreciate all that they are doing and I applaud them. They are my heroes.

– LIfe’s WORC Parent

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