Autism Army will be competing for the tournament grand prize while fighting to raise autism awareness, and representing Life’s WORC and The Family Center for Autism (FCA). This support is more important than ever, as many families have suffered financial hardships as a result of the pandemic, increasing the number of applicants to the FCA Scholarship Program greatly.

The Family Center for Autism is a state-of-the-art facility where people of all ages and abilities can explore a variety of activities, classes, and programs. Driven by the compassion of its staff and their expertise in the field of autism, its mission is to provide services, vocational skills, and socialization skills to all who step into its welcoming, inclusive environment.

Each year the FCA raises money through its fundraising campaigns to provide scholarships for families not able to afford the full program fees, awarding assistance based upon their demonstrated financial need. Scholarships are given for a one- year period for all participating programs and make a huge difference in the life of a child with autism who would otherwise not be able to attend. Please click here if you are interested in making a donation to this important initiative.

The team will be assembled by General Manager Griffin Taylor (pictured, above), who has a history of fielding competitive teams in The Basketball Tournament comprised of top professional players. Assisting Griffin with assembly of the team will be Justin Resnick, Life’s WORC board member and avid basketball fan, who connected with Griffin and Delroy to put together this team and project.

A leading force for Autism Army is Team Captain Delroy James (pictured, left). Delroy is one of the top professional players competing overseas, and has played on 4 different continents in 12 different countries, all while providing for his 9-year-old son, Jaylen, who is on the autism spectrum. Due to his diagnosis, Jaylen requires additional services and supports through a team of experts that help him achieve his daily goals.

Delroy juggles playing basketball professionally across the globe while being a patient and caring father to Jaylen, who remains in the United States while Delroy earns a living and hones his craft overseas. Click the video on the right to hear just how special Jaylen is to Delroy.Delroy and Jaylen

Delroy has experienced first-hand the rigors and level of care that go along with parenting a child with autism, and has a tremendous interest in both raising awareness of the autism community and Life’s WORC.

Autism Army will consist of top professional basketball players overseas, who are former teammates of Delroy James or have current connections to GM Griffin Taylor.

The Basketball Tournament will take place from July 16 to August 3, 2021, and be televised across the ESPN family of networks.

It is our pleasure to partner with Autism Army in The Basketball Tournament 2021, and we encourage our staff, families and friends to join us in support this team and exciting project to help build autism awareness. We appreciate your support – please CLICK HERE to make a contribution.

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