“I Am Black History” by Al Funny

Feb 24, 2022

In honor of our Black History Month celebration, Life’s WORC Day Habilitation Supervisor Al Funny once again wrote a powerful and inspiring poem about the importance of recognizing the contributions of African Americans not just in February, but every day. Thank you, Al, for sharing your words with us.

I Am Black History
by Al Funny

I know you hear me but are you truly listening? I know you see me but what are you envisioning?

Do you know who I am? Past the yearly calendar of 28 days in the month of February. Just to be put back up on the shelf for the next 12 months as I watch my history get buried. Closing the book, just to keep others from getting closer to the truth. As you continue to pick the leaves out of my family tree but never nurture the roots. Yet my blood, sweat & tears are soiled throughout the land of the free. You’ve heard me loudly & proudly march through these streets for equality & peace.

I’m the very pulse of the words of Dr. King I Have A Dream speech. The feet of sister Rosa Parks when she refused to move her seat. The confidence of Muhammad Ali celebrating his victory inside the ring. I am black history anytime you hear us speak. Celebrating all that is me, all that we will be. You could no longer ignore me, just share my truth amongst the youth is how you truly applaud me.

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