Life’s WORC Announces Launch of Quality Resource Network

Mar 6, 2023

Life’s WORC is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new entity, Quality Resource Network, Inc., which will bring together the resources and expertise of three of Long Island’s premier human services agencies – Life’s WORC, Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI), and Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE). This partnership was formed to identify synergistic opportunities and achieve efficiencies of scale to improve outcomes for people supported by all three agencies, while at the same time enhancing the work experience for all of our team members. Sharing best practices and capitalizing on the combined strengths of the organizations will further improve the quality of our services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, mental illness and traumatic brain injuries.

(Standing), Dr. Christopher Long, CEO / President, Free, Susan Dickinson, CFO, Free, Erin Davies, Chief Human Resources Officer, DDI, Jenny Antony, CFO, Life’s WORC, Robert White, Chief People & Culture Officer, Life’s WORC, Sofia Samuel, CFO, DDI, John Herchenroder, Chief Legal Officer, Free, (Sitting), John Pfeifer, Chief Officer of Residential & Clinical Operations, Life’s WORC, Robert Budd, CEO / President, Free, Kim Kubasek, CEO, DDI.

What does this mean for people receiving services and their families?

Quality of service delivery is essential to advancing our missions and improving outcomes for the people we support. Collaboration, continuous improvement, innovation and synergistic alignment through Quality Resource Network allows us to proactively address changing external socioeconomic, regulatory and technology factors, while at the same time supporting the evolving needs of the populations we serve.

What will this mean for staff?

Starting this Spring, staff from each of the three agencies will begin working together, comparing administrative processes, exchanging ideas, and collaborating in ways which will drive innovation.

Are the three organizations merging?

The three organizations are not merging. Quality Resource Network is a separate entity designed to foster collaboration and drive innovation to better meet the needs of the people we support.

Who is running Quality Resource Network?

Executives from each of the three agencies came together to lead Quality Resource Network. Collectively, they develop the organization’s vision, set the strategy and focus resources to prioritized initiatives.

Why these three organizations?

Life’s WORC, Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI), and Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE), and hare similar missions and values. We have a history of successful joint ventures such as Long Island Select Healthcare, Inc. (LISH) and we enjoy a common vision for greater efficiencies and enhanced quality in all that we do. Together, our programs extend across New York City and Long Island, serving people in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. While many of our services are similar, we each have unique expertise that we look forward to sharing with one another.

Have questions?

Contact Kate Graham, Life’s WORC Director of Communications, at for details or more information.

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