AMNY Highlights Lack of Funding for DSPs

AM New York recently spoke with Life’s WORC Vice President of Development and Public Affairs Tina Moreno, as well as CEO Jenny Antony, about the importance of including a larger Cost of Living Increase for Direct Support Professionals in the 2025 New York State Budget.

“Our direct-care staff members play a critical part in supporting people with disabilities,” Antony said. “On average, the direct-care staff who are in these homes day-to-day, their hourly wages are 17 to 19 dollars an hour. A 3.2% cost-of-living adjustment on a $17 wage is only 54 cents.”

In the midst of a staffing crisis, Life’s WORC currently has 150 vacant positions, mostly due to the wages not always being enough to cover the local cost of living for those who apply. 

“That’s why the cost-of-living adjustment is really critical,”Antony said. “Even just to keep up with inflation and give them a slight adjustment in their salaries.”

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