Staff Spotlight – Perri Silverstein

Perri Silverstein has been a part of the Life’s WORC family for well over a decade as a dedicated volunteer at events and fundraisers. From golf outings and galas to fashion shows and walks, Perri is a familiar face to everyone at the organization.

Recently, an opportunity came up for Perri to officially become a member of the Life’s WORC team when a receptionist position opened up in the Main Office. She didn’t hesitate to accept the role.

“It’s rewarding to be an employee here, and a great environment,” she says of the transition from volunteer to staff member. “I enjoy greeting people as they come in and out and being able to do different tasks.”

While her new role has Perri working the front desk, assisting with research projects and answering phones, she plans to continue helping with special events as well. “Event planning is my specialty,” she explains.

View the video below to hear more of Perri’s story.

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