It is again with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of another great supporter of Life’s WORC, Rick Del Mastro. Rick was a Life’s WORC Board Member since 1992 and held the role of Chairman for over 20 years.

Rick was CEO of City Outdoor USA and other related outdoor signage and event companies. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Rick was a champion of Life’s WORC and people with special needs. He not only helped to raise money, he befriended people we support, and he advocated for staff as well. A few years ago at the early onset of the #bFair2DirectCare campaign, Rick offered up his billboard in Times Square to send a message to the Governor. It resulted in the first wage increase for staff across all of New York State in several years.

Rick also solicited a $1 million donation to help create the Life’s WORC Family Center for Autism (FCA) which opened in 2015. This was the culmination of Rick’s dream to expand Life’s WORC to support people with autism. The FCA has been dedicated in Rick’s Honor as the Del Mastro Family Center for Autism.

With all that Rick did for others, there is only one thing that he asked of us. He just wanted each of us to be the “best me we can be.” In his words and in his deeds, each day he showed us what it meant to be his best me.

We offer prayers for his lovely wife Cynthia, his daughters Dawn & Jennifer, son-in-law Chris, and his three grandchildren.

You can make a donation in Rick’s name by visiting the below website and selecting “I would like to dedicate this donation” under Donation Type:

Janet Koch, CEO Life’s WORC
Lynne Koufakis, Board Chair