Life’s WORC Residential & Community Services

With beautiful homes in Queens, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Life’s WORC’s residential and community services provide adults with intellectual disabilities the support needed to live a full and productive life.

Community Habitation

Community Habilitation

Life’s WORC offers individualized Community Habilitation services designed to provide enriching activities, socialization, and skill-building opportunities for people with autism and other intellectual disabilities. Our dedicated, highly trained staff customizes their support to assist each person with their own specific goals.

Supported Employment Services

Our customized Employment Services programs offer training and on-site support for people with developmental disabilities and autism who are interested in obtaining meaningful employment. These include community-based pre-vocational training programs, a comprehensive employment training program and vocational rehabilitation training.

Supportive Employment Services
Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation

Life’s WORC offers both site-based and community based Day Habilitation programs that are designed to help its participants develop the skills they need to prepare for a more independent adulthood. With multiple locations across Queens and Long Island, our specially trained staff helps the teens and adults in these programs to focus on important life skills and socialization.

Residential Services

Since 1971, Life’s WORC has set the standard for supportive homes and residential services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism. With 45 homes (and more in development) across Manhattan, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, our expertly staffed residences care for adults of varying abilities and their families, ensuring that each resident leads a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.

Respite and Family Support

Our Respite and Family Support services provide recreational and socially engaging opportunities for the people we support, while giving their family members and caregivers a well deserved break. These educational and entertaining programs are available to children, teens and adults in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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