Providing High Quality, Evidence-Based Behavior Analysis Services

Each person in the ABA Program receives an assessment and develops objectives that will be designed to meet each person’s needs. Typically, each person in our program receives specialized, one-to-one instruction based on their unique learning styles. Progress is monitored and assessed frequently by our Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) so that teaching situations can be expanded to include new skills. Data-based analysis and family goals guide all decisions about changes to a person’s program.

The Behavior Analysis Services department is dedicated to helping you. ABA assists in increasing socially appropriate behaviors and decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Our providers will work with you and your family to assist in generalizing skills across all environments. We will work with you to develop an ABA program based upon data-based assessments while incorporating the goals of you and your family. 

Components of a Strong ABA Program


The program is designed and monitored by our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA.)


All members of the team are trained, with supervisors providing support, monitoring, and ongoing training for the duration of the program.


The program is created after a detailed assessment has been conducted and tailored to your family member’s specific deficits and skills.

Functional programming

Goals selected are beneficial and functional to your family member and increase or enhance his/her quality of life.

Data collection

Data on skill acquisition and behavior reduction are recorded and analyzed regularly. The BCBA supervisor uses this data to measure progress & provide information for program planning.

Family training

Family members are trained to teach and reinforce skills. They are involved in both the planning and review process.

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