Why Choose Life's WORC Trust Services

Life's WORC Trust Services has your best interests at heart and we want to maximize your money's potential. With Life’s WORC as the trustee, you never have to worry about who will manage the trust after your demise. We can act as the administrator and be your trusted fiduciary in these financial matters.

We're super flexible. Life’s WORC can serve as either the trustee or just the administrator of the SNT.

As the administrator, Life’s WORC is responsible for handling all trust-related paperwork, taking the burden off of the parent or family member serving as trustee.

You have flexinle options on what to spend your money on. Trust assets supplement—but do not replace—government benefits programs.

Funds can be used for virtually anything from unreimbursed medical expenses to living expenses, recreational activities and vacations.

When the beneficiary dies, remaining funds can be left to loved ones. First Party Trust funds must first be paid toward state reimbursement fees; remaining Third Party Trust funds can be immediately disbursed to the named beneficiaries.

The trust is professionally managed in partnership with Key Private Bank, which has extensive experience in the areas of individual and pooled trusts.

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