Employment Services

Life’s WORC provides training and on-site support for people with developmental disabilities and autism to work in businesses and industries that are interesting and exciting for them. Our progressive approach provides a comprehensive process of discovery, customized job development, and individualized job-placement services to help find paid, meaningful employment for the people who are supported by our team of professionals.

Our employment placement services also fulfill the needs of employers throughout Queens and Long Island that require well-trained, dedicated and well-supported employees.

Community-Based Pre-Vocational Training

Our staff provides work-readiness training that focuses on teamwork, conflict resolution, dressing for the job, and self-advocacy, which enhances employability and job-performance skills.

Employment Training Program

The Life’s WORC Employment Training Program (ETP) starts with a rigorous discovery phase to asses each candidate’s skills and interests, followed by opportunities to engage in different industries and environments in short internships. In the Job Coaching phase, participants gain paid experience while they are supported by a dedicated job coach.

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR)

The ACCESS-VR program supports people with disabilities in their efforts to achieve and maintain employment and support independent living.  Our growing state-based contract offers vocational rehabilitation and training supports to adults and students.

How to Partner With Us as an Employer

Our customized employment team works with your business to explore your hiring needs and how you can become an equal opportunity employer. Our placement services encourage people with intellectual disabilities and autism to become active members of the workforce through paid internships. As an employer partner, you will find that the people who are supported by our programs are dependable employees who can work in a variety of positions that are matched based on skills to meet specific employer needs.

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