On Saturday, September 24, Life’s WORC supporters and family Cory Levine, Eric Smith and Mitchell Smith hosted “Tailgate for Autism” to benefit Life’s WORC and the Family Center for Autism.

Attendees enjoyed a day of college football and open bar at Tailgate Brooklyn, watching games on wall-to-wall screens and enjoying both the indoor and outdoor areas of the venue. With roughly 120 people coming out to spend time with friends and support the cause, the event raised over $12,400.

Cory’s brother Jamie is a resident in our St. James home, and his sister Emily has been a participant and received services from the Family Center for Autism for many years. Along with his cousins Eric and Mitchell, bringing people together to support the organization not only helped raise funds but also helped spread awareness of Life’s WORC and its mission among their friends and attendees.

“Since two of us are Michigan alumni and the other is an Ohio State alum, we know our friends love to watch college football on Saturdays,” Eric said. “That’s why we wanted to focus our event on something we knew would naturally get interest from our friends. And this is just the beginning – we know we can continue to grow Tailgate for Autism and make it better each year.”

We would like to thank Cory, Mitchell and Eric as well as the extended Levine family and friends, including Joel and Debbie Levine, Carly Weisenfeld, Kayla Smith, Laura and David Smith and Jessica Gaber for their continued support and dedication to Life’s WORC and the Family Center for Autism. It’s an honor to see the next generation step up to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism.