The People of Life’s WORC – Harold Paz

Jun 11, 2021

Sometimes the stars align, and a career opportunity pops up right around the corner – literally, in the case of Harold Paz, an Assistant Manager in the Life’s WORC Residential Program. “I had heard good things about Life’s WORC from a former employer and decided to apply,” Harold says of the moment over three years ago that he joined the organization. “Coincidentally, there was an open position at a residence just a couple of blocks from my house.”

The experience has been a rewarding one for Harold too. “I love getting to know and work with each person we support,” he says. “They are all so unique and relentlessly themselves.”

Being true to yourself is something that Harold is particularly passionate about. A member of the LGBTQ community, he is vocal in promoting acceptance, understanding, equality and inclusion in the workplace and in general. “Life’s WORC has been a proactive ally to make sure we all feel heard and understood,” he says. “They have initiated many trainings and meetings to ensure we are all collectively one.”

These opportunities are of critical importance to the agency, and we appreciate Harold and others sharing their thoughts and ideas with us. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, Life’s WORC has constantly evolved and adapted over the past five decades, and stands strongly by its mission to ensure that all people live full and happy lives – a mission that translates beyond the people we support.

“The collaborative efforts of the people we support and Life’s WORC staff, no matter which position you are in, have founded and fostered an accepting community for 50 years,” Harold notes. “We are all in this together! From the CEO, to the clinicians, managers, individuals and even sub staff. When everyone works as a team, no matter who the player is, great things can be achieved.”

In honor of Pride Month, the agency is offering programs and opportunities for education and information for staff and the people we support. Harold also offers some suggestions for anyone looking to celebrate this June. “Just talk to someone who you wouldn’t normally talk to,” he explains. “Go to your local gay bar and a drag show, enjoy the entertainment, and tip your drag queens. Watch a new show featuring a queer character or storyline because the actors are talented. DO NOT OVER THINK IT.”

“We all want the same thing,” Harold continues. “A better life than the one which was provided for us, and consenting adults deserve to be in love with whomever makes their tummy fill up with butterflies, with no fear of danger or damnation. We are all beautiful human beings with limited time on this beautiful planet.”

Thank you, Harold, for your dedication to Life’s WORC and the people we support, and for sharing these important messages with us.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Life’s WORC, we will be sharing the stories, people and events that have made Life’s WORC the organization it is today, along with our goals and vision for the future. Thank you for celebrating with us!

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