We stand for equality and justice for all.

Jun 5, 2020

Dear Friends, Families, and Colleagues,

As a human service organization where good things happen daily between diverse groups of people, we want to acknowledge and express our position on what is happening in our neighborhoods, across the state, and our entire country.

Life’s WORC stands with people outraged and in protest of the inexcusable death of George Floyd, and the many others like him.  We acknowledge the pain, suffering, and inequalities that systemic racism has and continues to manifest on people of color and other minority communities nationwide.

When people do bad things, it tests your faith in humanity. Humanity is the ability to show compassion and to help others when it is needed most.  This was so evident during recent months with COVID-19, which makes the divisiveness we are currently witnessing, all the more painful.

Life’s WORC prides itself on the inclusiveness of all people, it is part of our mission.  We support people with intellectual and development disabilities who have unique challenges.  The people that care for them are a diverse group of people many of whom are people of color, and they too are presented with unfair challenges.

While silence is not an option, words alone are not enough.  We can empathize, we can listen, and we can most certainly learn.  We need to engage in meaningful and honest dialogue, sharing perspectives that deserve to be heard and considered.

We all care deeply about how we, as a community, can collectively work together to drive positive change, and will continue to have open and honest conversations with our staff to develop actionable next steps.  Not that it will be easy or straightforward, but we can get there.  Life’s WORC stands with you in seeking fairness for all.

Stay safe and be well,

Janet Koch


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