Trust the Experts at Life’s WORC

With decades of experience establishing and managing trusts, our experts are dedicated to helping our clients every step of the way.

Why Choose Life's WORC Trusts

Let Life’s WORC do the Work

All of the trusts offered by Life’s WORC are professionally managed by people who care. Our staff is responsive to your needs, working with Key Private Bank, which has extensive experience in the areas of individual and pooled supplemental needs trusts.

Life’s WORC also offers Trustee Services, whereby the agency is able to serve as trustee or successor trustees on individual or stand-alone Supplemental Needs Trusts. Our professional trustees understand SSA and Medicaid guidelines and handle all paperwork and administrative responsibilities for new and existing trusts.

Many of our trust beneficiaries use Cooperative Funeral Fund to pay for their pre-funeral arrangements.

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